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I am using an HHP 4600g Bar Code Scanner, it is configured as a HID device, I have installed the HandheldScannerSO service object version 1.0.2454.18196. I am using POS.Net version 1.12. Using Windows 7 64 bit and also windows XP 64 bit. I am able to open and claim the 4600 scanner, I have added event handlers, I have enable the data event. However when I scan a bar code from a bottle of water nothing happens the DataEvent does not fire or is not getting raised. I have used the SO Manager and added a logical name "HHP4600gScanner", rebooted the system. Wrote a simple scanner app to test just the scanner still failed, no data event firing.

I also changed the build configuration of the sample application reverenced above from Any CPU to x86 and scanner event is now getting raised...

Please help, any suggestions??

Maybe recommed a scanner that will work with Windows 7 64

Using windows 7 or xp 64 bit, is the best solution?

What is the future for POS.Net and windows 7 x86, 64 bit

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garbonzo Apr 26, 2014 at 9:30 PM 
This works well. Very solid. Tested with POS for .NET 1.14 and it works good there also. There are some issues when running compiled with the POS for .NET 1.14 libraries in a app compiled under POS for .NET 1.12 but this is to be expected.

For now, we have compiled two different versions of this, one under P4N 1.12 and the other under P4N 1.14. I think this will solve any issues.

yortw May 7, 2010 at 12:17 AM 
Hi Alob,

I have just added a new release for download (source code only) that should support 64 bit Windows platforms... if compiled correctly. See the ReadMe.txt file included with the source for details.

I have not personally been able to test this code, but I have emailed it to someone else who has and it appears to work ok on both platforms when compiled appropriately.

Note, this assumes the scanner is installed as a USB HID device, not as a USB COM port.

alob May 5, 2010 at 10:28 AM 
Have you had any joy with this. I have the same scanner and have it working fine with win7 32bit, but win 7 64bit just refuses. I am attempting to use it as a USB COM port, but it will not install the given drivers for this